Circadin (Melatonin)

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Circadin (Melatonin)



Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the body. Synthetic melatonin is used as a medicine to help the body adjust the internal clock. It is used by people who suffer from jet lag, to adjust the sleep pattern as a result of work schedule changes, and to help blind people establish a day and night cycle.

What is Melatonin For?

The pineal gland is responsible for producing the natural hormone melatonin which regulates wakefulness and sleeping cycles. The body’s melatonin production is more active at night, the level rising as the sun sets and the level decreasing as the sun rises. 

The synthetic melatonin in every Circadin pill also boosts the levels of natural melatonin in the body for people who are unable to produce it sufficiently. 

Circadin, with the synthetic melatonin, comes in three forms: pills, chewable tablets, or liquids.

Circadin: How Does Melatonin Work?

The naturally produced melatonin’s primary function is to regulate the cycles of day and night. The body’s production of melatonin is high at night time which then signals the body to prepare for sleep. During the day, the body slows down in producing melatonin which serves as a signal for the body to wake up. 

People with low melatonin levels will usually experience having trouble falling asleep. The synthetic melatonin in Circadin will resolve this and help them fall asleep. 

Circadin: Benefits  

Sleep deprivation can negatively affect a person’s life. It can affect your professional career, personal relationships, and physical well-being. Not having enough sleep can also cause symptoms such as drowsiness, impaired memory, inability to concentrate, reduced physical strength, and a weakened immune system.

Taking Circadin will help prevent these symptoms by making you fall asleep, stay asleep, and fixing delayed sleep phase disorder. 

For those whose normal sleeping schedule is disrupted by changes in the work schedule, Circadin helps manage your sleep work disorder. 

Circadin: How Do You Use It?  

Circadin does not last in your body system longer than about 20 minutes. There are numerous cheap melatonin supplements in the market, which is why you must consult your physician or medical expert before buying Circadin. This way, you know that you are getting quality and effective medication for your sleep disorder.  

For your initial melatonin supplement treatment, take the lowest dose available. Take the coated slow-release pill whole and do not cut it in half because this will affect its long-term potency. 

Below are instructions on how to take Circadin with synthetic melatonin:   

Time-Released Circadin Tablets

Take the pill 1 to 3 hours before going to sleep. The effects of time-released Circadin lasts for about 3 to 4 hours, so if you can’t fall asleep within this time frame, you must take another dose. 

Short Awakenings at Night

If you experience short awakenings that are less than an hour at night, the sublingual melatonin is your treatment option. This tablet dissolves under your tongue and it is instantly released into your bloodstream and not processed by the digestive system.

Long Awakenings at Night

If you have long awakenings that last more than one hour, the time-released pill is your treatment option. Take the pill before going to sleep and then the sublingual tablet afterward. 

Can You Buy Circadin Online in the UK?

You can purchase Circadin or any other melatonin supplement online at, a trusted online pharmacy in the UK. However, before you can make a purchase, you must consult with our online doctor through our online doctor’s consultation service. The doctor will assess your condition and determine if Circadin is suitable and safe for you.   

But, there may be cases when Circadin may not seem to work for your sleeping problems like insomnia. This is a more severe case of sleeping difficulty but can be treated with many sleeping pills. Let your doctor prescribe a strong medication that will help you fall asleep and rest well.

Please note: this page is only to be used as a reference of our price for this medication. If you are approved for Travel Health medication, you will be offered treatment for you and the prescriber to jointly consider. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber's.
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